Common Misconceptions About Buying A Home

Buying a New Home is seen by many as a Big Step in their lives.

So for some; it goes without saying that we make this task into a Herculean feat. Especially if you’re a First Time Home Buyer. 

I mean there are SO MANY QUESTIONS!

Who do I talk to first? How do I get approved? Where should I live? Who pays for what? And the list goes on…

Rest assured; we have taken this into consideration and have compiled some valuable resources that will make the process go as smoothly as possible. 

The beauty of being a First Time Home Buyer in Oregon is all the resources available to assure that you can get the home of your dreams! This stems from the desire to grow commerce and overall improve the culture & lifestyles of those who already live in this beautiful state. Along with nurturing and welcoming new additions to our community.

Such as the Oregon Housing & Community Services Corporation & Oregon Home Ownership Stabilization Initiative which both play a HUGE role in assisting Home Owners & First Time Buyers alike by giving them access to local lenders and vendors when necessary.

Another obstacle most folks hit is not knowing which lender to work with! That ultimately comes down to you, however we would be more than happy to help you find the right lender for you! If you would like us to reach out to them, EMAIL US!

Not to mention that some people just don’t think owning a home is worth it. This is primarily due to the idea of having to pay a mortgage over a 15 – 30 year period. As opposed to paying rent the rest of their lives. So to help with that click here to see the numbers yourself! Feel free to plug and play until your heart’s content.

More times than not; you will see that in the long run you will be saving more than you ever would renting. Simply based off the fact that rent will continue to rise as the cost of living does. Where as a mortgage payment will stay fairly consistent with the times and your home will also begin to accrue equity!


What is Equity? You may be asking, no need to worry. We got you covered! In a nutshell; Equity is an asset, so it’s a part of your total net worth. You can take partial or lump-sum withdrawals out of your equity at some point if you need to, or you can pass all the wealth on to your heirs. The reality is that the possibilities are limitless with what you can do with Equity. 

There is a plethora of information for you to make the most educated decision you can. We have compiled only a small fraction of the resources available to help you make the next step in life more enjoyable. 

After all, we want you to live the life you deserve!

With that being said; thank you for taking the time to read this. 

Here are some last minutes tips! 


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