How to Handle the “California Exodus”

Have you been feeling it too?

There isn’t as much room on the highways.  More and more, it seems like there are WAY more people in line for Dutch Bro’s? You’re favorite hiking trail is just somehow flooded with more traffic than ever before? 

Don’t worry: you’re not the only one.

As of 2018 the influx of “transplants” has been a double-edged sword for the Pacific Northwest (Oregon more specifically). Some people have already been referring to this phenomenon as “The California Exodus”

As the name implies; a majority of  California residents are beginning to trickle on upward to the PNW for numerous reasons. First and foremost; the cost of living, in this article it outlines the main financial benefits of not living in the surrounding states. However the biggest and best gap is between that of California & Oregon.  Most folks are also looking for a cooler climate and a reduced crime rate. 

According to this poll; Oregon has consistently beat our neighbor in both of those respective fields. On top of that, these last two or three years. The cinematic industry has been filming more of their blockbuster’s out here in the PNW. Anywhere from critically-acclaimed cult classics to a slew of  T.V series in the area.

So how does ANY of this knowledge actually benefit locals who have been in here their whole lives? 

One of the key benefits; would be the rise in property value and the amount of purchasing power when looking to sell your home. Now this would also drive revenue on a state level to enact new construction and re-work state sanctioned zoning laws to be more lenient with developments.  

Secondly; you know what to expect. You see, as a resident myself I would much rather have the cost of living remain as stagnant as possible if it’s not going to lower. However, you can’t fight change. 

So the most important point I would like to make when working with “transplants” is to educate them on the community’s LOVE for nature and it’s undying desire to keep it around for as long as possible.

Other than that, buckle down and get ready for what is to come.

I wish you luck in all your endeavors.

-Ruben “Benny” Alcala 


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