Oregon, The Place To Be.

To many of it’s residents the state of Oregon is a great place to live. From it’s countless miles of nature to explore. Such as; Skinner’s Butte, Mt. Pisgah, Buford Park, the Dunes in Florence, to a plethora of hiking trails that will always lead to a breath taking waterfall or two.  Even the city life has much to offer as cities like; Portland & Eugene are in the midst of ushering in the modern age by incorporating technology seamlessly from its public transit to its libraries & restaurants.

Not to mention the overall consciousness of the environment & community. In recent years; the state of Oregon (Eugene in particular) has extended the olive branch to assist with the nation’s homelessness issue. Along with being a spearhead for developing renewable energies and living by its motto to “Keep Oregon Weird” has welcomed a wealth of cultural diversity & established it as a hotbed for innovation.

There is no doubt that this is a great place to raise a family and build a foundation for yourself. Whether you are a business person, philanthropist, artist, or just a hippie passing through. Oregon has a place for you.

So it goes without question why our state has been ranked 2nd in the country for the most “Inbound Moves” since 2015 & more specifically Lane County has been the 4th most desirable county to live in as of 2017.

Don’t just take my word for it, feel free to see for yourself! 

My sources will be below: 

Top 25 Counties To Live In As Of 2018


The Second Best State for Inbound Movers


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