The Future of Real Estate

It’s Difficult to Imagine what the Future may look like 10 years from now.

Considering all of the different factors at play; Global Climate Issues, Political Unrest, Technology Growing Faster than Us & a general disconnect from each other on a communicable level.

Whose to know if we will finally have those flying cars we were promised or if it becomes a scene out of your favorite post-apocalyptic movie.

What we DO know is that no matter what may be going on. The NEED for a home will always remain.

So the question arises;

How is Real Estate going to work 10 years from now?

Many believe that the need for an agent will ultimately be wiped away by automation and development of Artificial Intelligence and the overhaul to develop the “Perfect On Stop Shop” website where all you have to do is click on a picture of a home, enter your credit info like you would an Amazon order and *POOF* your home can be moved into the next day.

The delve into a dystopic mindset regarding the future is easy to do when you see it form in front of your eyes.  However, lets look at the more realistic (and hopefully more positive) approach to what is in store for us.

Virtual Reality Tours

Imagine being able to show a listing without even having to the location?

VR Tours are becoming a reality and the immersion of this technology can also be useful when swaying out-of-state/international buyers. Check out this Tour of Amsterdam to get an idea of how that may benefit you in the future. 

Eco-Friendly Housing

With the pressing need to reduce carbon emissions and overall consumption. The push to have ECO-Friendly Housing is must. In the wake of upcoming policy changes regarding tax cuts/rebates for remodeling your home into a more energy efficient dwelling . A flood of new housing opportunities will mean that your know-how of what those laws may be will definitely come into play 3-10 years from now.  

Along with the trend of communal housing and tiny homes. The new housing market will have to be tailored towards our knowledge of Tenancy Laws. 




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